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Really enjoyed the course. Was really nice to refresh my electrical basics as it’s been a long time since college. Course material was detailed and the course was delivered in a simple and casual way.
Your knowledge was fantastic and you kept the course flowing and a good pace. Also thought the classroom / practical time of the course was well balanced.


I wish I had done this course when I first started here at Lunaz a year ago. I have had a massive refresher and learnt so much over this last week, especially HV. I now have a better understanding of how our system works on the vehicle and I feel that with practice have the confidence to carry out the diagnosis and repairs while out in the field.


I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I’m glad we decided to work with you and you are our new Training member benefit Partner. Your trainers are professional and very knowledgeable.

Sarah Smithurst MBE

The 5 day course has been very in-depth and enjoyable. For how in-depth it is, Dave made it as simple as possible so everyone in the group could understand. Going out into the workshop was the best part, actually seeing the faults and using the Pico scope helps me and the group understand a lot more and seeing how everything works. There is a lot of equipment in the workshop so there is enough to get a decent understanding of the bus were going to get.

Thank you!


Having done a couple of IMI courses Dave’s has by far been the best presented and most insightful.

The way in which the level 4 course was done by doing a practical part then doing the relevant write up straight after was really helpful as trying to remember everything on the final day to complete the write up is difficult.

I’ve always struggled with relays and the working of them, Dave was able to break it down and make it easier to understand.