IMI Level 2 Award In Electric/Hybrid
Vehicle Routine Maintenance

IMI level 2 award in electric/hybrid vehicle operation and maintenance

Gain the knowledge needed to work safely around electric and hybrid vehicles.

£399 + VAT Plus IMI Registration Fee

Course Overview

The content of this qualification has been designed to give the learners the knowledge and skills required to work safely on Electric/Hybrid vehicles whilst carrying out routine maintenance and repair activities (not voltage components or systems). This may include vehicles that may have or had damage to their high energy/electrical system.

It contains one mandatory unit covering knowledge of:

  • Electric/hybrid vehicle system components and operation
  • Hazards surrounding electric/hybrid vehicles
  • How to reduce the risks to yourself and others when working on electric/hybrid vehicles
  • Safely preparing the vehicle when carrying routine maintenance (NOT high voltage components or systems)

Skills of:

  • Working safely on an electric/hybrid vehicle (NOT high voltage components or systems)

As a result, learners successfully completing this qualification will acquire significant core knowledge and skills and the ability to work safely around and maintain Electric/Hybrid vehicles.

Assessment Method

  • Online knowledge test
  • Practical assessment

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